• August 27, 2021

How to Increase Medical Device Sales

In an increasingly global economy bound by healthcare, medicine has been given the sacrilegious honour of being able to change the lives of so many people than ever before. A simple vaccine means allowing your kid to go outside and play on the playground again, or for you and your partner to have weekly date nights once more. It’s a testament to the evolution of healthcare, from a manmade bandage made out of banana leaves to a digital stethoscope made of steel, that we get to experience life a little bit longer than most of history is accustomed to.

Not only do advancements in medicine mean better options for care for potential patients, but it also means greater revenue streams for developers and producers of medical devices in the industry. The concept of selling medical devices is a versatile line, and you need to be constantly proactive if you want to seal the deal.

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The sales strategy behind selling these pieces of machinery have gone through massive changes, even though the basic principles remain the same. The confluence of competition and buyer influence, coupled with an increase in regulatory pressure, means that people nowadays are demanding a higher quality of healthcare at much too lower costs. This small predicament then creates tension between entrepreneurs and salespeople who struggle to find balance.

When most only see challenges, entrepreneurs and investors see opportunities; these people are the risk takers, go getters, and overachievers. They instead see opportunities to improve service, offer competitive pricing, enhance marketing efforts, and streamline research and development of new products.

Here’s how to do it properly:

  1. Know your target audience’s pain points
    The very first thing you and your team must do is explicitly outline what pains, symptoms, or conditions your proprietary medical device can treat. When you identify your audience’s pain points, you can look at the demographics for the people who would most likely suffer from them, and then proceed to contact medical specialists most likely to treat these ailments.

This is what you would call a target audience. Once you have defined your target audience, you need to construct a language that will let them know how your product can help them in a manner that will make them understand easily.

  1. Reward customers
    Aside from the quality products you provide customers with, its always good to offer them a little something else on the side to ensure your relationship holds. These little freebies can be and range from anything, be it a free ticket to your next presentation of the latest medical device or an invitation to be a member of your elite customer base newsletter.

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